Top 10 Websites to Watch Hindi Movies Online | Free Good quality

Not necessarily we prefer to watch movies in cinema always. Because of various reasons we miss to watch movies in cinemas and later when we get time, movie may not be running in cinemas. But no worries, you can watch Hindi movies online as I am going to provide you best 10 websites of 2013 which will help you to watch Hindi Movies online free of charge. Not sure if they allow you to download movies, because of piracy you may not able to download them, but surely you can watch them online and that too with good quality.

Top 10 Websites to Watch Hindi Movies Online

Note: A small disclaimer before we continue. These sites are not necessary to be  legal and may some of them not following piracy or protection but I am not responsible for what others are doing.


If you don’t like to watch pirated movies with degraded quality, this would be your first choice to see best quality Hindi movies online. Since couple of months site posting only good quality movies to watch Hindi movies online, they also have Tamil, Telugu, kannad movies to watch them with best quality.


This is also seems like following copyright and showing only movies which are officially released and hosted on youtube. You may find best quality movies all the time.


This is again one of the website where you may get latest hindi movies and watch them online. Not sure about the copyright law they are following or not, but I can see best quality and latest movies are there, which you can watch online.


Daily motion is taking over youtube these days. One of the reason for more popularity of dailymotion is they don’t have much rigid rules. But you can get best quality video and hindi bollywood movies to watch online. Best streaming website which provides good quality video and you can watch hindi movies online. You can watch Hindi serial episodes also online.

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Not sure about the reliability of this online hindi movies site, but I can see it’s quite popular amongst Indian young crowd to watch latest hindi movies online and free with better quality.


This is similar site like previous, which is popular to get latest bollywood movies online but sometimes they used to be in parts, but you surely get best quality in video, most of the movies they upload having HD quality.

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The best and most authenticated website to watch free hindi movies online. But sometimes because of their copyright policy they are not allowing users to upload pirated movies and latest movies. But still you may find few of them sometimes.


Best quality and latest 2013 bollywood movies, instant available to watch hindi movies online. Good streaming video providing website to watch bollywood movies online. No need to download them.


Similar website, where you may able to get streaming of latest hindi movies to watch them online. Also this website provides lots of mp3, ring tones and other mobile utilities.


This is again a website which provides you facility to watch latest and best hindi movies online. Not sure but there are lots of hollywood best movies also available, which can be available for download.

So, that was best 10 websites i found to watch hindi movies online and with good quality. You can comment with more such list if I have missed any.

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4 Responses to “Top 10 Websites to Watch Hindi Movies Online | Free Good quality”

  1. Simulty

    Jul 18. 2013

    Hi there! Nice selection! I've created a list is Simulty, a website combinator we've recently launched, so you can search for your movies in all sites al the same time, from one single tab.
    I hope it is useful for you!

  2. Flick OnFlick

    Jul 19. 2013 its an another website where you can watch movies free.

  3. Tahir Aziz

    Aug 07. 2013

    From My Personal Experience is the best website to watch online hindi movies.


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