5 Best Video Editing Software Free Download for Windows 7, 8, XP

Not necessarily everyone is master in video Editing and having professional video editing software installed in their windows computer. But everyone wants to do basic editing in their personal video they have captured using their mobiles or personal handy cameras. Most of the professional video editing software are not freely available and you might need valid license to avail them with full functionality. But I will give you today few Video Editing software Free of charge and you can download them to your windows XP, Windows 8 or Windows 7 computer or laptops.

You can Download and install all of these Video Editing Software on your PC if you have basic knowledge of installation and once installation is over you can use for Editing Video.

1. Windows Movie Maker 2012 – Free Video Editing Software

windows movie maker 2012 windows editing free software

Microsoft has provided simple and easy to use Video Editing Software for users with basic computer knowledge. They can use this free video Editing software to edit their personal videos using easy available functionality.  This software supports most of the video format and you can simply drag and drop your video clips and easily can be arranged in required order with special effects you wish.

Easy to use sound tracks which can be played in background and once done you can simply save in most popular formats you want and/or share directly on youtube, Facebook and many other sites.

Download Windows Movie Maker

2. VSDC Free Video Editor – Download

VSDC free movie video editing software download

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This free software for editing video is little bit difficult to learn, unless you have some fluency in editing video. Though lots of help and manual you may get, but still it may take sometime to use this free Video Editing software. Once you have command over this editing software, you may use plenty of effects and functionality to edit colors, lightings etc. Few really useful filter and audio effect tools may amaze you too.

Download VSDC Video Editing Software

3. Wax – Free Video Editing Tool

was free video editing tool software download

Wax is another easy to use video editing tool which can be freely available to download and use. Wax is designed in a way that it can satisfy most of the basic user’s requirements to edit their personal videos with nice effects. User can quickly add nice 2D and 3D effects also. If you can’t afford expensive commercial video editing software then WAX is definitely a good choice for you.

Download WAX Video Editing Tool

4. VirtualDub – Free Video Editing Utility

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virtualdub free video editing software download

If your video format is AVI then this could be the best choice for editing your video. A very user friendly and pretty clear interface of this software will help you to avail lots of video editing features. Also having batch processing capabilities to process large numbers of files. Amazing filters to sharpen, blur, resize, rotate etc.

Download VirtualDub Utility

5. Avidemux Video Editor

free video editing software download

Free Video Editing tool named Avidemux is not much huge or professional video editor, but still having good capabilities of Video Editing. Using this free open-source utility you can join, cut video clips easily. Using this free video editing software you can Add Logo, Crop, Flip, Rotate, Resize, Sharpen, Remove Noise, tweak brightness, contrast colours and more to your existing video.

Download Avidemux Software

So, hope this post will surely help you to Download Free Video Editing Software if you are using your computer laptop with Windows XP, 7 or 8 operating system.

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