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One Response to “How to permanently delete wechat account?”

  1. Vanessa Goh

    Mar 07. 2014

    You can uninstall the App but it seems the account stays!

    My husband submitted request to and Tencent Technology Company Limited in Feb.It’s been more than 2 weeks, his account is still there.

    Upon further email,this is the reply from

    WeChat accounts cannot be deleted in the current version but we will consider this function for future releases.
    You can recover a lost password by clicking the “Can’t access your account” on the Log In screen of the app via a linked mobile phone number, QQ ID or email. You cannot retrieve your password if it is not linked to any other accounts.
    Each account you register is independent; for example, an old account will not affect the use of a new one.
    WeChat respects user privacy and protects user information. We do not disclose any user information

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