How to Make whatsapp free for lifetime | Forever on Android, nokia

Make Whatsapp Free for Lifetime Step by Step Tutorial

“WhatsApp”, A revolutionary messaging application which has completely eliminated the so called term ‘SMS‘. Whatsapp is Fastest Growing Messenger for Mobile Phones. It is highly downloadable mobile application.

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But now, the problem with WhatsApp is that you have to pay 0.99$ on iOS to get it, but once you purchase it, it’s free for lifetime, whereas on Android based OS and on other platforms it’s free for 1 year, after which you have to pay 0.9 $ every year to use it. It is quite disappointing.

But there’s always a way to get things for free and same goes for Whatsapp too. So, here is the solution.This article will surely help you to know how to make WhatsApp free for lifetime.

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 What you Need to make whatsapp free for lifetime?

  • Apple iTunes Account
  • Patience  😉
  • iPhone Device (for sometimes, you can borrow from your friend)
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 Steps to make whatsapp free for lifetime

Delete Existing Whatsapp Account

make whatsapp free forever lifetime

If you have any android or other mobile where you already have installed Whatsapp then I would suggest you to delete your account and Whatsapp both from your device.

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Create New Apple Account

make whatsapp free for lifetime

Now, start with ‘Apple account’, you need to create one. Just download and install ‘itunes’ and from there you can easily create your Apple account.

Wait till apple offers lifttime free option

free whatsapp for lifetime activate tricks

Next is ‘Patience’. It is quiet a tradition on iOS where they giveaway various apps for free of cost. So, every year there’s a period when ‘Whatsapp’ is completely free on iOS, i.e., lifetime subscription. So have patience and wait for that period to come. Or else you can pay just 1$ and you will get Whatsapp free for life.

Install Whatsapp on iPhone, iPad Device

whatsapp free for lifetime offer

Now you need iOS device (i.e. iPhone, iPad, iPod). However, iPhone is mostly recommended for this. If you already have. Then follow the steps. Otherwise borrow it from your friend or any other person. Make sure that they don’t have already installed Whatsapp. If they don’t having Whatsapp already then you need to download it from iTunes search like Whatsapp for free because iTunes offers sometime free apps. Now Install Whatsapp in iOS.

Verify your Mobile Number

install whatsapp free for life

After the installation, activate your mobile number and verify it. Whatsapp Messenger will send you verification code message on your mobile using that you can activate your whatsapp Messenger.

Use same number with your Other Device

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Once you have downloaded WhatsApp from App Store, from your account, install it on your friend’s iPhone with your own SIM card in it.(Don’t Forget to first Log Out from his Apple account and then Log In via yours).

Take out the SIM card and put it back into your Android phone, install WhatsApp in it via the usual procedure and then go to Settings -> Account -> Payment and you shall be greeted with this screen.

whatsapp lifetime offer tricks

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So, in this way you can get WhatsApp free on any other device also. You just need to do is remove WhatsApp from that iPhone and install WhatsApp on any other device, can be any Android, Blackberry, Windows based. And you will easily get WhatsApp Free for Lifetime free subscription on that device too.

I hope this trick is working for everyone. Sometimes If you are lucky then you got lifetime service. But sometimes Whatsapp service period only extend for 1 year or may be for 10 years.  But no one can guaranty about it because sometimes it may not work depend upon you luck and right time. But surely more or less this article is going to be very helpful to you and making your WhatsApp circle far stronger for Lifetime.

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