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Well, I am getting lots of messages and email where people asking me to prepare a tutorial and help on How they can see who has viewed your Facebook profile and if there is any free or paid apps which will tell who has viewed your Facebook profile. My answer is I AM SORRY. I can’t promote such spam applications which will enter into your profile and spread into all of your friend’s profile like a virus.

Of course you always wish to know who might have viewed your profile, but my friend WHY? If you want to keep your profile secure, you always have it restricted it till your friend-list and you know very well that only your friends can view your profile. And if you have make it visible to Friends of Friends and Public, then you have made your mind that your profile can be viewed by lot other people on Facebook and you should not really worry to identify who has viewed your profile!!

It’s long time we still can see various apps tags into pics and title is something like

Who has viewed your Facebook Profile?

   Example of Apps who will offer such data

OMG OMG OMG.... I can't believe this....
It's possible to see who has viewed your Facebook profile.....

Also it’s annoying when you are tags in such images and if someone click on that link they also get similar spam on their wall like below image.

see who has viewed your facebook profile

Let’s understand why people are making such free or paid apps where they offer you to understand who has viewed your Facebook profile?

   What such Apps gain from your Clicks
  • Very first reason can be they have their own other business which they wants to promote you through you and collect maximum data from Facebook.
  • Another thing is whenever Facebook users wants to know “who view Facebook profile” , such apps asks users to like their Facebook pages and get maximum readers on their FB fan page.
  • Collect your mobile number, email address and other personal info which can be shared/sold with other people with handsome money

So, I hope now I explained you with fundamental reasons that it’s just a spam which can help you to understand who has viewed your Facebook profile and such apps doesn’t work as per your expectation.

   How to Save yourselves from such Spam?

I am sure by following above tips, you can have a safe Facebook profile and by now you might have learned if you really can see who has viewed your Facebook profile 🙂 . Appreciate if you can share this article with others on your social media if you found this worth.

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