How to Save Voice Messages from Whatsapp to PC, Computer iPhone, Android, Java, Blackberry Messenger

Whatsapp messenger is becoming most popular application for almost all mobile phone users. With the use of their user friendly features, users are getting in touch with their family and friends all the time. It has replaced SMS for most of the mobile phone users. As we all know, we can send Voice Messages using Whatsapp messenger without any cost and everyone using this features as Whatsapp record your message and send it across internet with no time and it generate very light weight file which can be transferred to your friend easily. Though there is facility to Forward these voice messages to other friend on Whatsapp but sometimes we may need to save these voice messages on our PC or computer or laptop as they are really memorable specially when you receive some cute messages from your Kids, some romantic messages from your wife 🙂 or some funny messages from your friends 😀 .

How to Save Voice Messages from Whatsapp to PC

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Though there isn’t any direct way to save your Whatsapp voice messages on PC but I have find out few workaround and ways which will help you for same if you are using Android mobile phones, iPhone 4, 5 or 5s with latest version of Whatsapp running or even Nokia or Java enabled phone or if you are using Whatsapp with your Blackberry device.

   1. Save Whatsapp Voice Messages by sharing it through Email, Bluetooth

If you are using Whatsapp on your Android, blackberry or Nokia mobile phone you can use this method to save your voice messages on your laptop or computer pc. If you are using iPhone then this method won’t work as iPhone whatsapp messenger has recenty updated and forward to Email option was disabled. Hence now you have only one option with iPhone which is forward to a Whatsapp contact. But don’t worry, I will provide you a way to save your voice messages on PC even if you have iPhone :p .

Steps to send Voice messages by Email or Bluetooth

  • Select a voice message or multiple voice messages to be saved on your PC and share it using email or bluetooth
  • Select “Share” option from top menu or other menu depends on your device
  • Choose whether you would like to send it through bluetooth, email or even direct Gmail option. (based on device)

If still above steps are not clear you may follow steps shown in illustration below, which are taken using Samsung Galaxy S Duos running Android operating system.

save whatsapp voice messages on pc1

Once you share your Voice messages using either email or bluetooth, you will receive an .aac file. It’s an audio file and you can open and play it easily using windows media player or VLC player.

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   2. Save Whatsapp Voice Messages by sending conversation through Email

As we have already seen, first method which will be useful for most of the devices. Due to some security concern these options to save/send/share whatsapp voice messages was removed in latest update of iOS and whatsapp for iPhone and now you won’t be able to have option to forward voice messages to Email 🙁 . But not to worry as we still have one option to save your iPhone whatsapp voice messages to your laptop or computer pc. Let’s learn how to achieve this 😉

Steps to send Voice messages by Email on iPhone

  • Select contact for whom you want to save voice messages on your PC
  • Click on top bar and goto “Contact Info” for your whatsapp friend
  • Inside Contact Info you will have to click on “Email Conversation”
  • When prompted, select “With Media” option

With above steps you can forward all chat conversation to your Email attached with all media, though you will have chance to edit this email and remove unwanted media before you send photo. I understand its lengthy way and little tedious too but if you are not able to perform Method 1 to save voice messages on PC, you will have no other choice 🙁 .

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Anyways, if above steps are not clear to save iPhone voice messages on whatsapp to your PC; you may follow below illustration which is taken from iPhone 5s with latest iOS.

save whatsapp voice messages on pc1(1)

Once you have email landed to your inbox, you always can save only selected files on your PC and later delete email if you don’t want a large size email in your inbox.

I hope both methods are pretty clear :p and will surely help you to Save whatsapp voice messages on your PC, computer or laptop whether running with Windows, Linux, Mac OS.

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    best information…thanks

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    Great for these ways, also for iPhone users there is another way easier than this. Extract WhatsApp chats from iPhone and iTunes backup files, and save them to your computer.

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