Hidden Tricks for iPad 3, 4, Secret Features 2013

Amazing Hidden Tricks for iPad 4

Latest Secret Features of 2013

Are you an “Apple Freak” ?  Then, here are some great hidden features of iPad to enhance your  i-knowledge!

Find My Friends on iPad

ipad secret hidden tricks latest

Here is something interesting for you! Apple has publicized “Find my Friends” app, in the App Store for a while, but hasn’t really pushed it – it’s a take it or leave it feature. Download Find My Friends from the App Store and you can easily locate friends and family, of course by presuming they give you permission!
It can be surprisingly useful in the right circumstances, a real vision of the mind-boggling times we’re entering!

App multitasking

ipad secret hidden tricks latest

If you’re frustrated with double tapping the Home button to switch between apps, now there’s a f way to make your task faster and simpler.  Simply touch the screen with at least four fingers and swipe to the left or right to switch between active apps. The apps are arranged in the same order and you would find them in the multitasking list. After double-tapping the Home button, with the most recent at the far left of the screen.

Street View

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Do you know that you can conveniently access Google’s Street View on your iPad – right from the Maps application? Just open Maps, drop a pin (or search for somewhere) and tap on the red person icon to the left of the address. Then you can easily move on web and find your destination.

Secret iPad Keyboard Features / Tricks:

Here are some interesting keyboard features, which you might not be aware of:

Undock iPad Keyboard :

Hold down on the keyboard button, in the bottom right, and select Undock. This simple command puts your keyboard in the middle of the screen, obscuring anything below it.

Split iPad keyboard in two:

ipad secret hidden tricks latest1

If you are better typing with your thumbs than your fingers, you might find the iPad’s onscreen keyboard to be a little too big. Luckily, there’s an option in the settings to split the iPad’s keyboard in two, allowing easier access for your thumbs. But you don’t need to hunt through your iPad settings to find this particular feature. You can activate it by pinching out with your fingers when you have the keyboard displayed, which splits the keyboard into two halves on your screen.

Shake to Undo:

Speaking of typing, did you know there’s an easy way to undo a mistake you’ve made? Just like PCs have an edit-undo feature, the iPad also allows you to undo the last bit of typing. Simply shake your iPad, and it will prompt you to confirm whether or not you want to undo the typing.

Add your own keyboard shortcut in iPad:

Sometimes, the auto-correct feature can get in your way when you are typing on the iPad. But did you know you can put it to work for you? In the iPad settings –> General and Keyboard is a button, that allows you to add your own shortcut! This feature will let you type in a shortcut, such as your initials, and have that shortcut replaced with a phrase, such as your full name.

Find Text in Safari:

ipad secret hidden tricks latest1

Have you ever wanted to find something on a webpage in Mobile Safari? Now you can! Simply type your desired word in the search bar and you will find a section under the Google Suggestions called, “On This Page”. Not only does it list the matches, but you can hit the button beneath to have them all highlighted.

Custom Vibration Pattern for iPad:

ipad secret hidden tricks latest1

To enable custom vibrations navigate to Settings –> General  –> Accessibility, where you will find a “Custom Vibrations “option. Enable it and return to Settings à Sound, and there is now an option at the bottom of the screen. Tap it to choose from any of the five in-built patterns, or touch Create New Vibration to record your own. Hit Save once you’re happy with your creation to set it as default.

Assistive Touch (Gesture) :

ipad secret hidden tricks latest1

Did you know all iOS devices including iPad can make use of Assistive Touch and its custom gestures? Choose, Settings –> General –> Accessibility –> AssistiveTouch and notice the small icon in the bottom right hand corner.

Touch it and you’ll get quick access to your home screen, favorites and of course gestures. These can be defined by tapping Create New Gesture” and dragging out a pattern with your finger. Give it a name and function and you have got yourself  some gesture-based shortcuts.

Find Definitions Instantly :

ipad secret hidden tricks latest1

By using this feature, just tap and hold to select the word and tap Define, the built-in Dictionary is at hand! Isn’t this Amazing!

So, hope you have found some amazing hidden features and secrets of iPad here, which surely will help you to navigate around your  iPad  more easily!

Last but not the least, here is one bonus tip for you!

 Bonus i-Tip:

Connect Your iPad To Your HDTV :

connect ipad to HD TV video tricks

You aren’t just limited to the iPad’s display if you are watching a movie or playing a game. You can also connect the iPad to an HDTV. The easiest way to do this is through Apple TV, which supports AirPlay and lets you with wireless “throw” your iPad’s screen to your TV. I also have provided earlier Tips and Tricks for Apple TV.

But even if you have no interest Apple TV, you can buy an adapter to plug your iPad into your TV. The best solution is Apple’s Digital TV adapter,  but you can also get composite or component cables.

I hope, i have served you as per your expectation and you definitely learned interesting facts and hidden features for your Apple iPad, don’t forget to share these secret tricks with your other friends.

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