Fast Android Emulator for Windows | Run android Apps on PC Computer

fast android emulator for windows pcI know Lots of you tired after Bluestack as it takes lot of time to load and sometimes it hangs your windows system. And hence without required minimum 2 GB memory you can’t run Android apps on your PC using bluestack. Today I will explain you Fast Android emulator for windows using that you will be able to run android apps on PC for most of the operating system your computer or laptop may have.

Fast Android Emulator for PC Supports:

  • Windows XP, 7, 8 (32 or 64 bits windows operating system)
  • Mac OS
  • Linux 32 & 64 bits for Ubuntu, Fedora, Redhat
  • Linux Debian 64 bits
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Genymotion is the Fastest Android emulator to run Android apps on your PC computer or laptop. You can Download Genymotion using below link and once downloaded, follow steps I have described below.

Download Genymotion for Windows

Note: If you using other Operating systems than windows, you need to have Oracle VirtualBox installed on your PC

How to  Install and configure Fast Android Emulator

   1. Install file we downloaded  for windows

Installation file we downloaded for windows in above step already contains Oracle Virtual box and we doesn’t need to install that separately. Simply double click this file to install fast android emulator for windows on your pc. During installation it may ask you for some warnings, you can safely ignore those or allow any exception needs to be allowed on your PC.

   2. Create New Virtual Machine

Once you complete installation for Oracle Virtual box and fast android emulator, you need to have virtual Device (virtual harddisk image) which will run Android OS.

fast android emulator to run android apps on pc

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   3. Download Virtual Device

Since you are installing Fast android emulator first time, you can easily download virtual devices from existing list including VXGA, Nexus and other pre-installed devices.

download virtual device to run android apps on pc fastest windows emulator

4. Run Fast Android Emulator for Windows

During adding devices in step 2 and step 3, you can mention name of your virtual device and that will appear as shown below once download. You can simply select that device and click Play button to start android emulator on your windows computer to run Android apps on pc.

run virtual device on fast android emulator for windows

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   5. Configure your Virtual Device

Using Oracle VirtualBox Manager, you may get chance to configure settings of your virtual Device and you can assign RAM (Memory) for this virtual device, space, video memory etc. to fine-tune the performance of your Android emulator.

configure fast android emulator to run android apps on pc windows

So, that was simple and best step by step tutorial to install and configure fast android emulator for windows, linux, mac PC or computer. Now you have better alternate for Bluestack and this is fastest android emulator to run Android apps on PC.

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