Facebook Color Text Chat Code Generator | Different Colour in Chat

After giving you Best Facebook Chat Tricks, I have been asked to provide Facebook color text chat codes which will be used to send colored text during Facebook chat and you can use different colour in Facebook chat than default and ugly black 😉

How to send Color text in chat (Facebook color text)

Below is example of Facebook color text which has been send in Facebook chat using color text code which I will be providing.

Facebook color text chat tricks

I have simply used below code to make Facebook color text chat and used different amazing colours during chat with my friend.

[[f9.chd]] [[f9.chh]][[f9.cha]] [[f9.chm]] [[f9.chs]]
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Below are the list of Facebook color text chat codes which can help you to generate different colour chat text.
Note: These codes will be applicable only during Facebook chat and not for Facebook status or comments.

[[f9.cha]] = A        [[f9.chb]] = B       [[f9.chc]] = C
[[f9.chd]] = D        [[f9.che]] = E       [[f9.chf]] = F
[[f9.chg]] = G        [[f9.chh]] = H       [[f9.chi]] = I
[[f9.chj]] = J        [[f9.chk]] = K       [[f9.chl]] = L
[[f9.chm]] = M        [[f9.chn]] = N       [[f9.cho]] = O
[[f9.chp]] = P        [[f9.chq]] = Q       [[f9.chr]] = R
[[f9.chs]] = S        [[f9.cht]] = T       [[f9.chu]] = U
[[f9.chv]] = V        [[f9.chw]] = W       [[f9.chx]] = X
[[f9.chy]] = Y        [[f9.chz]] = Z

So, theese are the codes you can use to chat with Facebook color text and specially these different colored texts will amaze your friends on their birthday or whenever you wants to greet them.

   Logic for Facebook color text chat code generator

If you notice little closely, it’s pretty easy to remember these codes. You just need to remember one code which is [[f9.ch*]]  Now, you can replace this “*” with any character you wish to make color chat code and you simply enter them into Facebook chat and see the magic.

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