Download Gujarati Typing Software for Computer PC, Laptop Free

 How to Free Download Gujarati Typing Software For Computer

This tutorial is mainly for Gujarati community and friends who are following my techno blog and I will step by step teach you How to type gujarati from your laptop, computer PC and you also can download Gujarati typing software Free after learning this tutorial.

Internet is the best medium to learn new technologies these days and social media like Facebook, Twitter has given an open platform for people to express their thoughts and that too in their own language. After downloading this free Gujarati typing software you will be in position to write Gujarati using your computer or laptop. You doesn’t need to write at one place then copy and then paste in Facebook, you directly can type in Facebook, Emails, Word, Excel and in any software you may wish to.

How to Download Gujarati Typing Software For Free

Step 1: Download Google Input Tool along with Gujarati language selection as shown below

type gujarati software download

Step 2: Once below dialog box will appear, simply click on Save File

type gujarati software download

Step 3: If because of security reasons, you will be prompt with below message, click “Run”

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type gujarati software download

Step 4: Congratulations, Your Gujarati Typing software is downloaded and Installed successfully if you receive below message.

type gujarati software download

Step 5: Right bottom corner near to watch you will see below icon, select “Gujarati” and start typing in gujarati

free gujarati typing software download

* You can directly type in Gujarati from Facebook status, comments, twitter, word, excel and any other software. Wherever there is typing pad you can choose Gujarati and start typing in Gujarati. Even chatting you can do in Gujarati using this software.

** Use Shift + Alt Keyboard key together to toggle between Gujarati and English for faster typing

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  1. Vyas Pranay

    Jul 04. 2013

    It can't download in my Pc. Not so good.

  2. Chirag Vadodariya

    Jul 09. 2013

    I like it.

  3. Akshay Prajapati

    Jul 23. 2013

    Akshay Prajapati.

  4. Adhyaru Vimal

    Jul 28. 2013

    2 times I download but not downloaded yet in my laptop.

  5. Shivani Patel

    Jul 30. 2013

    thsnks its working fine…i am waiting for Internet Download manager–free life time use….i tried but not success, so please post it stp by step easily uderstand..thanks again.

  6. Patel Pratik

    Aug 08. 2013


  7. Jayantilal Shah

    Sep 15. 2014

    very helpful


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