10 Amazing Features of iPhone 5, 4s, 4 | Hidden Secret Functions

As everyone knows that iPhone is simple on the surface, but packed with so many hidden features. There are numerous hidden features and tricks that let users get more out of their iPhone. So, here are some of those amazing features that will be surely going to help you the most:

10 Best Hidden Features of iPhone 5, 4s, 4

    Do Not Disturb feature of iPhoneiphone feature do not disturb

Under Settings, you can switch on the iPhone’s Do Not Disturbfeature. That means you will not get notifications or calls while your phone is locked. It’s best to switch this on while you’re sleeping. So, it simply means no one can embarrass you without your permission. You also can have selected important people from whom you are willing to accept calls even while sleeping or in meeting, so you can configure them under “Allow calls from” section.

If you want to enable Do Not Disturb features daily at certain fix time, you can schedule that in well advance.

    Late Night Listening option on iPhone

iphone latenight listen hidden feature

Although not available on all devices, newer iPhones and iPads have a new EQ setting: Late Night. This option lowers bass levels and attempts to make your music less-intrusive in the evening so you can listen and fall asleep easily without being distracted by anything too jarring.

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    Install Tons of New Emoji, emotions on iPhone keyboard

install emoji emotions for iphone ipad

Some people love their emoji — the cute icons you can add to messages, whatsapp or other chat, emails, or really anywhere that accepts text in iOS. Apple just added a ton of new options.

You can enable the Emoji keyboard under Settings > General > Keyboard > Add new Keyboard.
Scroll until you see “Emoji” and tap to add it. To use emoji, tap the button that looks like a globe on your keyboard.

    Sync Your Text Expansion Shortcuts Across Devices

text shortcut for iphone amazing features

Using this feature, you can teach your iPhone to turn phrases or acronyms into anything you want.
To do so, Go to: Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut to give it a try. This features to create text shortcut will truly help you to type faster using your iPhone.

    Auto Turn on Siri, when picking up the iPhone 5

We always need to press and hold home button to turn on SIRI right? That may damage your home button if you are using it very frequently. But Now you can automatically turn on Siri in iPhone 5.
The iPhone automatically senses that the device is being picked up and when the proximity sensor indicates it is next to a head, like with a phone call, it will automatically start Siri. Isn’t this amazing? Let’s see how we can enable this amazing feature of iPhone 5.

To turn this on go to Settings -> General -> Siri -> turn Raise to Speak On.

* You can also get latest scores instantly via Siri.
For example,
Click and hold the Home button and say, “What was the football score for West Ham” or whatever team you support. Siri will go off and find the latest score from the last game your team played. You can also use to find out where they are in the league too.

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    Get an LED Alert/Notification for Calls and Texts

LED notification feature of iphone enable

Former Android users may miss the LED alerts that let them know a call or text is coming in. The iPhone  doesn’t add a notification LED, but it is possible to use the camera flash as an improvised notification alert.
Tap on Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> LED Flash for Alerts -> On to enable this feature.
In loud environments it’s the best way to see a call or text on the iPhone.

    Storage & Backup

backup storage of iphone cloud feature function

You can back up your phone’s contacts, settings, email, etc. to iCloud every time your phone is charging and connected to WiFi.

To Enable this feature of iPhone 5, 4s and 4 , simply Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup

    Headphone controls enable lots of hidden features

headphone control hidden features functions

The headphones that come with the iPhone do more than just push music to your ears. The built-in microphone and control switch lets users perform a variety of actions without taking the iPhone out of a pocket.

The most common control is to use it to change volume, but it does much more. Here are a few things you can do with the iPhone headphones:

  • Launch Siri – Hold for about 2 seconds
  • Pause Music – 1 tap
  • Skip a track – 2 taps

Remote Shutter – one tap of volume up while the camera is open.

    Turn on the Camera Grid

enable camera grid in iphone

The iPhone camera features a grid mode that is handy for composing photos. Photographers use the rule of thirds to compose a shot and draw a viewer’s eyes to the point of focus. This setting makes it easier to line up a shot. The grid lines do not show up on the final photo.

To turn it on open Camera -> Tap Options -> Grid to On.

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    Auto Connect with Social Sites

auto social connect

Your iPhone can connect directly to Twitter and Facebook, making it easier to share photos and web pages.

To enable this feature, Go to Settings > Facebook (or Twitter) to log in.

So, these amazing features will surely help you to get out from more from your iPhone 5, 4s and 4 or iPad and use it more effectively. I knew these were hidden from you so far and there might be lots more hidden features I will make unhidden for you soon.

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